object ob‧ject 1 [əbˈdʒekt] verb [intransitive]
to complain or protest about something, or to feel that you oppose it or disapprove of it:

• The mayor considered contracting out garbage collection, but the unions objected.

object to

• The banks objected to the proposal fiercely.

— objection noun [countable, uncountable] :

• The creditors raised no objection to the deadline extension.

— objector noun [countable] :

• There are few objectors to the proposal amongst private investors.

* * *

objector UK US /əbˈdʒektər/ noun [C]
a person who disagrees with or disapproves of something, and tries to prevent it or refuses to take part in it: »

Environmentalists are calling for a better system for objectors to respond to new developments.

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